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Cognatus Mobile (Whats new and improved / Latest news)

2022-02-06 | Solution Design using AWS Cloud)
     - I'm presently working on a Product Requirements Document and Architecture to cover the whole Cognatus Cloud Solution.
    It's becoming more apparent to me that it's far more than just a mobile app. Further updates to follow. Jamie

2021-04-03 | Version 1.0.0 MVP (WIP)
     - Sorry for the lack of updates and apologies to the Danish Haemophilia Society that it's taken 14 years to respond to your support ticket,    please contact me if you've any further issues.
     A new version of Cognatus Mobile is being designed and built for modern devices and now that the APP store has been invented will be freely made available.      Kind thanks Jamie

2007-04-01 | Version 0.9.4
     - Allow edit of patient/user details

2007-03-01 | Version 0.9.3
     - Bug fix installer. Reported by Danish Haemophilia Society
     - Implemented mass export therapy data for Excel
     - Improvements to the summary screen
     - Improvements to datetime format throughout
     - Optimised the reports screen layout

2007-02-01 | Version 0.9.2
     - Implemented summary on Today screen
     - Implemented last reported infusion on Today screen
     - Implemented last reported bleed on Today screen
     - Fixed issue with delete treatment entry

2007-01-01 | Version 0.9.0
     - Fully implemented Advoy importer
     - Performance improvements
     - Initial release