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Cognatus Mobile Download

Should you wish we're happy to install and configure your PDA with the software. We are also able to provide you with new or reconditioned PDA's setup and ready to use with Cognatus Mobile, contact us for more information*.

The Windows version is currently in development, but for the moment Cognatus Mobile will work within Windows using emulation.


General Installation Notes

1. ActiveSync is required for install.
2.The install location is
3. Advoy CSV import directory is
4. Cognatus export directory is


Video Tutorials

Installation and adding Treatments (coming soon)
Importing therapy data from Advoy (available now)
Exporting therapy data from Cognatus Mobile (coming soon)

Get Cognatus Mobile (whats new)

‚Äč My-Cognatus MSI download for PocketPC (or Windows using emulation)
license agreement

Cognatus Mobile is currently provided as freeware. If you're able to make a donation which will be used to support the ongoing upkeep of this website and the development of the next generation version then please click the button below