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Cognatus Mobile (cog-nate; related by blood...)

‘Cognatus Mobile’ represents over 2 years of research and development into a Haemophilia management software (therapy management) product capable of giving the patient vital information at any time or any place via mobile handheld devices.

Those involved with the management of Haemophilia (patients and clinics) face a difficult task of treatment administration and application. Cognatus Mobile launched in 2007 on the PocketPC (pictured bottom right) before the APP store was around to make it formally available. The next generation version of Cognatus Mobile will be developed to support the latest devices. Cognatus Mobile works by allowing you to capture treatment events and make these visible to the clinical team at your hospital. We will soon publish the full and updated, exciting list of features.

The system has been created by Jamie Lutzuver who is university educated within Software Engineering with over 20 years experience developing software and internet applications.

Jamie who is involved with the (haemophilia society) saw the opportunity to develop a system to help patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals manage the condition.  

Please feel free to contact him for further information a demonstration or simply just a chat....

iPhone concept image

Future concept for Cognatus Mobile (top)

Original PocketPC version launched 2007 pictured below

Installation Phase for the original PocketPC version